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PJSC Myronivsky Hliboproduct

The following spectrum of work was carried out at industrial sites of PJSC Myronivsky Hliboproduct:

We have done

Our company took part in the construction of a number of meat production and processing enterprises OJSC "Myronivsky Hleboprodukt", best known under the trademark "Nasha Ryaba" - the largest producer of chicken meat in Ukraine.

Office of PJSC "Myronivsky Hliboproduct". Kiev.

The total area of ​​the office building is 10,000 m². In addition, under the building there is a garage with a total area of ​​12,000 m².

For cooling the premises, a chiller-fan coil system is used, including 400 fan coils "GEA" (Germany) and two chillers "Fast" (Italy) with a capacity of 450 kW each in a monoblock version with air-cooled condenser. The building has 14 supply and exhaust units with a recovery of 4000 to 22000 m³ / h. In the air-handling units, plate recuperators with an efficiency of 60% are used.

To maintain the microclimate in the premises 12 humidifiers "Carel" (Italy) are installed, with a capacity of 12-64 kg of steam per hour. For server rooms, precision air conditioners are installed in the channel version with a total capacity of 120 kW. In the kitchen is installed exhaust ventilation system based on fans of Ukrainian production. Smoke extraction systems and backwater in staircases are made on the basis of Ukrainian fans.

Our specialists have developed a project, all installation works, piping, start-up and adjustment of climatic systems. In addition, a system for dispatching fan coils on the basis of DEI automation (Taiwan) has been built. The total number of ducts in the building was about 8000 m².

Factory of semi-finished products "Easy". Myronivka of the Kiev region, Ukraine.

We fulfilled the design of the ventilation and air-conditioning system, according to which the equipment was delivered, installed and launched.

For the ventilation of the premises, 16 supply and 16 extracting units "PETRA" (Jordan) from 4000 to 32000 m³ / h with a total capacity of about 300,000 m³ / h of inflow and 300,000 m³ / h of exhaust are used.

For air-conditioning, 60 PETRA fan coils are used. Cold water for the air conditioning system is obtained through an intermediate heat exchanger from the ammonia station.

In the ammonia pumping station, an emergency ventilation system was implemented on the basis of fans manufactured in Ukraine. The ventilation of the warehouse, sewage and pumping station, garage.

During the implementation of the project, the pumping equipment "Grundfos" (Germany), automation "Belimo" (Switzerland), control boards of the Ukrainian company "Raut" were used.

Poultry factory Snyatinskaya Novaya. Snyatin Ivano-Frankivsk region. Factory production of foie gras.

Our company carried out the project, the delivery of equipment and the installation of ventilation and pre-cooling systems for technological purposes. The pre-cooling system operates on the basis of a low-temperature chiller "FAST" (Italy) with a capacity of 850 kW, operating on glycol in the temperature range from minus 2 to +3 ° C. To reduce temperature in the technological premises of slaughter of geese, 25 high-pressure fan coils "FAST" are used. Thus, the temperature of the air entering the room is reduced to 12 ° C.

The total capacity of ventilation systems is about 10,000 m³ / h.

The design of the ventilation system of the main production building, the first stage of construction of the Vinnitsa poultry factory in the town of Ladyzhin, Vinnytsia region.

Our specialists have carried out the design of ventilation systems for the main production building of the first stage of construction of a poultry farm.

The project includes 46 supply and exhaust units "Novenco" (Denmark) of which 27 with cooling, used in the technological process to maintain the set temperature of air supplied to the process rooms. There are also 27 air-handling units with capacity from 6000 to 50000 m3 / h, also produced by Novenco. In addition, there are 57 exhaust systems based on the Spanish fans Casals. The total capacity of ventilation systems is about 1 million cubic meters per hour.

Slaughter shop in with. Stepans of the Cherkasy region.

We have developed a project for the climatic systems of a slaughterhouse of chickens in the village. Stepans of the trade mark "Nasha Ryaba". The delivery of equipment, installation and start-up of ventilation and air conditioning systems in the main production hall, office, garage, treatment facilities was completed.

For ventilation of premises, more than 40 supply and supply-and-extracting units "GEA" (Germany) with a capacity from 2000 to 80000 m³ / h are used. The overall performance of all ventilation systems is about 850,000 m3 / h. Air ducts with a total area of ​​25,000 m² are manufactured and installed. The exhaust systems are built on the basis of Casals fans (Spain). For cooling office space, 40 GEA fan coils are used. Cold water is supplied from an ammonia compressor unit through an intermediate heat exchanger. Circulation in the cooling circuits is provided by the Grundfos pumps.

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