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Agromars TT-Group Одесса


Design and installation of a process ventilation system for the production plant of a poultry farm

Open project
Marine Business Center TT-Group Одесса

Marine Business Center

Design and installation of ventilation, heating, air conditioning, water supply and sewerage systems in a complex of office buildings with a total area of 26.5 thousand m²

Open project
McDonald's TT-Group Одесса


Cooling of the supply outdoor air

Open project

"Europa" restaurant

Air conditioning and heating of the banquet hall

Open project
JSC Moldova Steel Works TT-Group Одесса

JSC Moldova Steel Works

Design and installation of cooling and ventilation systems in industrial and household premises

Open project
Sea Commercial Port

Sea Commercial Port "Yuzhny"

Системы общеобменной вентиляции

Open project
Odessa Sea Commercial Port TT-Group Одесса

Odessa Sea Commercial Port

Air conditioning and ventilation systems of the administrative buildings of the port, the main building, the concert hall of the exhibition hall, the yacht-club.

Open project
Poseidon Water Park TT-Group Одесса

Poseidon Water Park

Complex ventilation systems

Open project

JSC "Tiraspol Bakery"

Ventilation systems

Open project

JSC "Tirsteklo"

Design of the project and installation of a supply-exhaust system.

Open project
Frapoli Hotel TT-Group Одесса

Frapoli Hotel

Hotel room air conditioning, ventilation and air conditioning

Open project
Prominada Hotel TT-Group Одесса

Prominada Hotel

The Chiller-Fan Coil systems, ventilation, water and sewerage systems

Open project
Odessa Polytechnic University TT-Group Одесса

Odessa Polytechnic University

High power cooling systems

Open project

"Tornado" Disco

Ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems.

Open project

"Svitoch" confectionery manufacturer

Design, supply of equipment and installation of general ventilation systems

Open project

"Detskiy Mir"

High Power Cooling Systems

Open project

TM "Na Zdorovie"

Cooling systems of high power. Ventilation systems

Open project

JSC "Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine"

Ventilation and air conditioning

Open project



Open project

"Tiger" Sports Club

High Power Cooling Systems

Open project
Myronivsky Hliboproduct TT-Group Одесса

Myronivsky Hliboproduct

Ventilation, cooling and heating at industrial sites in Ukraine

Open project
Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall "Barva"

Supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning

Open project
Odessa Executive Suites Hotel TT-Group Одесса

Odessa Executive Suites Hotel

Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing and sewage.

Open project
Moldovan State District Power Station TT-Group Одесса

Moldovan State District Power Station

Design and installation of high-performance cooling systems

Open project

"Mario" Restaurant Network

Heating, air-conditioning, ventilation systems.

Open project
Shestoy Element TT-Group Одесса

Shestoy Element

Installation of the first heating, air-conditioning and ventilation system

Open project
Vuzovskii Fitness Center TT-Group Одесса

Vuzovskii Fitness Center

Ventilation, air-conditioning, and heating of the fitness center

Open project
City Clinical Hospital No. 3 TT-Group Одесса

City Clinical Hospital No. 3

The air conditioning system

Open project

"Chudo-gorod" residential complex

Design and installation of ventilation systems

Open project
Vuzovskii Business Center TT-Group Одесса

Vuzovskii Business Center

Designing and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of office and domestic premises.

Open project
Regional police department TT-Group Одесса

Regional police department

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Odessa region

Open project
Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 TT-Group Одесса

Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1

Air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Open project
Duke Hotel TT-Group Одесса

Duke Hotel

Ventilation, plumbing and sewerage

Open project
Official Dealer Center

Official Dealer Center "Adis-Auto"

Installation of a waste oil boiler.

Open project
Auto center

Auto center "Audi Odessa Center South"

Design and installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sewerage systems.

Open project
Rehabilitation Center for Children TT-Group Одесса

Rehabilitation Center for Children

Ventilation and air conditioning systems

Open project