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Vuzovskii Fitness Center
  • Vuzovskii Fitness Center
  • Vuzovskii Fitness Center

Ventilation, air-conditioning, and heating of the fitness center

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In the shopping center «Vuzovskiy» our company air-conditioned and ventilated rooms with a total area of 3000 m². Was Installed 27 air conditioners «GREE» (China) split-type of various types and capacities. Some rooms are equipped with supply and exhaust units «GREE» with recuperation capacity of 2000, 1000, 500 and 350 m³/h. In addition, on the part of the premises mounted exhaust systems with a capacity of 2500 m³/h in the amount of 4 pcs. Moreover, we take part in the reconstruction of the ventilation systems of the kitchen, cellars, warehouses, IT premises, as well as many auxiliary premises. In addition, air conditioning is maintained in a number of premises of the building owner’s company in the amount of 380 pcs.

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