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Vuzovskii Fitness Center

Ventilation, air-conditioning, and heating of the fitness center

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There are two air handling units "GREE" (China) with recuperation (FHBQ-D10 and FHBQ-D20), 4 cassette conditioners "GREE" (GKH18, GKH24, GKH36). Extracts from bathrooms and showers are assembled on the basis of channel fans with a diameter of 200 mm produced by the Ukrainian company "First Ventilation Company" KKV 200 equipped with sound attenuators. In addition, in different rooms, wall-mounted air conditioners GREE models 0U-Cool, Change and Classic of various capacities are installed.

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Odessa Sea Commercial Port TT-Group Одесса

Odessa Sea Commercial Port

Air conditioning and ventilation systems of the administrative buildings of the port, the main building, the concert hall of the exhibition hall, the yacht-club.

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