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Prominada Hotel

Prominada Hotel

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Designed and installed a two-pipe system "chiller-fan coil" with total capacity of 160 kW on the basis of a chiller with the function of heat pump YORK (USA). Channel-type fancoils of McQuay (Turkey) operate in the modes "Heat" and "Cold". The fancoils are equipped with an automation system that allows the automatic maintenance of the required room temperature.

A ventilation system has been developed, which is a supply, extraction and supply-and-extracting units of Novenco (Denmark), which are located in the ventilation chambers, under the ceiling and on the roof. The ventilation system is equipped with water heaters and air coolers, which also allow to automate the maintenance of the room air temperature.

Our company also installed water supply and sewerage systems. For the laying of external and internal sewer networks, the pipes "Ostendorf" (Germany) were used. For the installation of the water pipe used the pipe "Rehau" (Germany).

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