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SE "Odessa Sea Commercial Port"

SE "Odessa Sea Commercial Port"

We have done

Administrative premises.

Our company has installed several dozens of local air conditioning systems in the buildings of the administrative buildings of the first and fourth berths. The equipment used is Fujitsu General and Dekker.

Concert-exhibition hall of the sea station.

For the installed chiller, a pre-cooling system is installed to increase its capacity.

Instead of the old chiller, two Climaveneta chillers with a capacity of 150 kW are installed in the concert and exhibition center of the Odessa Sea Terminal to provide cold supply and exhaust ventilation plant with a capacity of 50,000 m3 / h installed during the construction of the station.

Two monoblock air conditioners with centrifugal fans, 30 kW each and 8 exhaust units with a capacity of 2000-6000 m3 / h are also installed.

The main building of the sea station.

The old 450 kW chiller was replaced with two 350 kW Climaveneta chillers, with water cooling of the fan by sea water through an intermediate titanium heat exchanger.

The building of the yacht club.

The building of the yacht club has 16 fan coils, which receive cold water from the chiller, which was previously installed on the site.

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