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"Chudo-gorod" residential complex

"Chudo-gorod" residential complex
Odessa, 2011.

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The total area of the shopping center is 12,000 m2 - two floors and a basement. In the basement, there are 2 ventilation chambers. Each ventilation chamber is equipped with 4 supply and exhaust units with rotor recuperation units«Novenco» (Denmark) with a capacity of 25,000 m3/h each. Cold water is supplied from the chiller; the air heating is carried out by electric heaters with a capacity of 30 kW. On the 1-st and 2-nd floors are mounted air ducts of own production with a total area of 5000 m2. Pipe wiring from the chiller to the fan coils and supply units was completed by our company also, including 260 meters of steel pipes with diameters of 209 and 273 mm.

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