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Auto center "Audi Odessa Center South"

Design and installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sewerage systems.

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Our company carried out the project of ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water supply and sewerage systems. Supply of equipment and installation is also carried out by our company.

The ventilation system is built on the basis of two supply and exhaust units with highly efficient recuperation units with a capacity of 6000 and 8000 m³/h.

The air-conditioning system is a Chiller-fan coil system based on the chiller «Climaveneta» (Italy), with a 50% heat utilization function for use in domestic hot water supply system. In general, the unit has 40 channel type fancoils with low, medium and high pressure. In addition, for the distribution of heat from the chiller was used a dismountable plate heat exchanger SWEP (Sweden) with an expanded heat exchange area.

The heating system operates on the basis of a «Unical» boiler (Italy) with a «Kroll» burner (Germany) on waste oil with a capacity of 200 kW. For the transfer of the coolant used the pumping groups «Grundfos» (Germany) and the three-way valves «Belimo» (Switzerland). For the distribution of heat used radiators and a warm floor system with a total area of 400 m².

To reduce heat losses at the service station, our own production air curtains are installed on the ports.

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