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JSC Moldova Steel Works
  • JSC Moldova Steel Works
  • JSC Moldova Steel Works
  • JSC Moldova Steel Works

Moldovan metallurgical Plant (MMP)
The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, Rybnitsa, 2004-2008.

We have done
Stage 1Manufacturing facility.

To ensure air quality and temperature, 23 Supply/exhaust units «Petra» (Jordan) with a built-in high-capacity refrigeration system were used in the control rooms. Productivity of supply/exhaust unit is 3000-12000 m³/h. The ambient air temperature in the workshop is 60 C°, the temperature in control rooms should be 23 °C.

Stage 2Point of production management.

In a 3-storey building adjacent to the workshop, a «YORK» (USA) chiller with a capacity of 50 kW and 27 «YORK» fan coil units is installed. To ensure ventilation, were used the supply/exhaust units of our own production with a total capacity of 6,000 м³/h. We also built all the pipelines of the heating system and water supply in the building.

Stage 3Reconstruction of the dining room

The ventilation system has been reconstructed and fans replaced with new ones manufactured in Ukraine, new ducts were mounted in all premises.

Stage 4Reconstruction of the recreation center.

Installed air conditioners — split air conditioners wall mounted systems «Dekker» (China) in the rooms of the sanatorium. Also, we provide ventilation system based on supply/exhaust unit for the indoor pool, with a 125 m² area. The supply and exhaust unit of own production with a plate recuperate system was used.

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