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TM "Gavrilovski kurchata" (ООО "Complex Agromars")
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TM "Gavrilovski kurchata" (ООО "Complex Agromars") Gavrilovka, Vyshhorodskyi District, Kiev region, 2009.


We made a project of the ventilation system, supply, and mounted equipment. There are 14 exhaust fans «Casals» (Spain) with a total capacity of 250,000 m³/h in the production workshop. Six air-handling units «GEA» (Germany) with a total capacity of 250 000 m³/h. Due to the use of light roofs in the workshop, fabric ducts of the Danish company «Fibertech» with a diameter of 1 meter with a total length of 300 m were used. For automation of ventilation systems, control panels were used on the basis of freely programmable controllers of Ukrainian manufacture. In all systems, «Grundfos» pumps are used to pump the coolant. In the waste utilization workshop used exhaust ventilation systems based on 4 stainless steel fans. The capacity of each system is 40000 m³/h, the ducts are made of stainless steel. The total duration of the work was 8 months.

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