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Exhibition complex "Shestoy Element", Odessa 2010
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  • Exhibition complex
  • Exhibition complex

Exhibition complex "Shestoy Element"
Odessa 2010

We have done
Stage 1Correction of the existing air-conditioning system

In view of design errors made during the construction of the store, the existing fan coil units could not be used in maximum power mode. To use the air-conditioning system with maximum efficiency, 12 fan coil units have been added to the existing cooling system.

Stage 2Installation of the ventilation system, air conditioning and air heating.

In the building of the first stage of construction, there are installed 8 «YORK» rooftops with a total capacity of 560 kW of cooling and 720 kW of heating with gas heating. Air in the room is supply through large ventilation grilles in the walls of the building. Through the entire length of the building installed textile ducts were manufactured by the Danish company «Fibertec». The length of each duct is 100 m with a variable cross-section with diameters from 600 to 250 mm. The total length of the ducts is 800 m.

Stage 3Installation of the rooftop in extension building.

In the newly built extension to the building is installed a YORK rooftop with a gas heating of 70 kW of cold. The air ducts made of galvanized steel with a total area of 550-600 m2 of air ducts are made and installed in the insulation. A newly built extension to the building is a YORK rooftop with 70 kW cold gas heating. Insulated air ducts made of galvanized steel with a total area of 550-600 m² were made and assembled.

Stage 4Installation of rooftop in the premises of the second stage of construction.

In the newly constructed premises, installed «YORK» rooftop with gas heating, as well as Fibertec textile air ducts with a total length of 160 m, with variable sections diameter from 500 to 200 mm.

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