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Industrial air dehumidifiers of the high-performance CDS series from Dantherm (Denmark) are ideal for a wide range of manufacturing processes. where there is a need for constant removal of a large amount of moisture from air at temperatures between 5 and 32 ° C, for example for drying wood, food, pharmaceutical industry, as well as water and water supply stations.

They are also widely used in warehouses for dry storage of hygroscopic materials (cardboard, wood) or corrosive metals.

Optionally, an industrial dehumidifier CDS can be equipped with an electric heater with a power of 7.2 kW.

Design features

  • The housing is made of hot-galvanized steel with additional enamel coating (double panels with a thermal insulation layer of 30 mm thick).
  • The drain hole is located at the bottom on the right side panel of the dehumidifier. Drain connection for connecting a 3/4 "water hose (CDS 80) or of 32 mm diameter (CDS 100, CDS 200).
  • The control panel is located on the front side of the unit, the network connector is at the bottom on the right side panel of the desiccant.
  • Removable filter on the air intake.
  • Air distribution from above or through the duct when installed in a separate technical room.
  • The possibility of installing the inspection door from the opposite side.
  • The piston compressor.
  • Radial fan.
  • Air distributor with multi-leaf valve.
  • Electric heater 7,2 kW, built-in air distributor or air duct (optional).


Control system

Automatic maintenance of the required humidity level is provided by an optional external room hygrostat. When using an electric heater, it is possible to connect an external room thermostat to the dehumidifier.

On the control panel there is a button for enabling continuous ventilation without dehumidification.

The dehumidifier control system includes an integrated active frost protection device. After the evaporation sensor is registered with the beginning of the evaporation automatically starts to switch to a defrosting mode, during which the hot refrigerant passes directly through the evaporator.

The Dantherm CDS industrial dehumidifier is automatically shut down if the room temperature is outside the operating range of the dehumidifier (5 - 32 °C) and starts up again when the air temperature returns within the operating range.

Technical specifications

  Units of measurement. Dantherm CDS 80 Dantherm CDS 100 Dantherm CDS 200
Operating range, humidity % RH 30-100 30-100 30-100
Operating range, temperature °С 5 - 32 5 - 32 5 - 32
Air consumption m3/ h 1600 2800 3000
Power V/Hz 3x400/50 3x400/50 3x400/50
Maximum current consumption (without heater) А 5,8 9,1 13,7
Maximum power consumption (without heater) kW 2,5 3,8 6,4
Maximum current consumption (with heater) А 16,2 19,5 24,1
Maximum power consumption (with heater) kW 9,7 11,0 13,6
Refrigerant   R407C R407C R407C
Refrigerant quantity kg 2,250 4,300 7,000
Noise level (1 m) dB (А) 61 63 62
Weight kg 196 236 352
Protection class IP Х 2 Х 2 Х 2

Moisture pick-up curves

Dantherm CDS 80

Dantherm CDS 100

Dantherm CDS 200

Overall dimensions

  Н L В


Air duct


Air duct (M * N)

CDS 80 1680 730 730 595*595 265*235
CDS 100 2030 830 830 695*695 332*294
CDS 200 2280 950 950 815*815 332*294

All dimensions are given in mm.


Room Hygrostat

Room Thermostat

Electric heater 7.2 kW




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