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Dehumidifiers of the CDP series from Dantherm are primarily designed for drying air in swimming pool areas, i.e. for working with air containing chlorine and other chemically aggressive reagents. However, they can also be successfully used for draining warehouse and industrial premises where the air temperature does not drop below 20 ° C.

Types of dehumidifiers for swimming pools Dantherm CDP

  • CDP 35, CDP 45, CDP 65 - for swimming pools with a surface area of up to 40 m². Work in a mode of 100% recirculation (without a fresh air admixture). Mounted directly in the pool. Wall or floor mounting is possible.
  • CDP 35T, CDP 45T, CDP 65T (hidden mounting) - for pools with an area of the surface up to 40 m². Applied in cases where installation of dehumidifiers inside the pool is undesirable. Installed in a separate room adjacent to the pool, and equipped with short air ducts with a filter that are mounted in the wall, and aluminum grilles for intake and distribution of air. Like the previous series, they operate in 100% recirculation mode.
  • CDP 75, CDP 125, CDP 165 - adding to channel dehumidifiers a fresh air, for swimming pools with a surface area from 40 to 100 m². Mounted in a separate, adjacent to the pool technical room. Optionally, they are equipped with a water heater for heating the dried air and a water-cooled condenser, which allows using excess heat energy to heat the water in the pool.

Quick Selection Chart

The choice of the dehumidifier depends more on the area of the pool surface. The diagram given here can only be used as a guideline. With the final choice of dehumidifier, additional factors need to be taken into account, such as air and water temperature, the frequency of usage, the degree of activity of visitors' behavior, and the availability of devices to cover the pool surface during non-working hours. For larger pools and water parks, Dantherm offers supply and exhaust systems with a DanX 2 and DanX heat pump.

Principle of operation

The built-in fan takes moist air through the filter into the dehumidifier. When passing through the evaporator, the air cools, the moisture in it condenses, accumulates in the pan and is then drained through the drainage system. The drained air then passes through the condenser, where it is slightly heated. Thus, the air at the outlet of the unit is drier and a few degrees warmer. Because of the repeated passage of air through the dehumidifier, the humidity level in the room decreases, providing a rapid drainage.

Distinctive characteristics

  • Modern design
  • High European quality
  • Anticorrosion coating of internal working elements
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic humidity control
  • High level of electrical safety
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Low noise level.

Flexible approach to installation

To the client's request a number of models of dehumidifiers can be mounted directly in the room. If installation inside the premises is undesirable, the dehumidifiers are installed in an adjacent room, and the intake and distribution of air is carried out through air ducts. With the help of the proposed options, which include a hot water calorifer, a floor or wall mounting kit, you can select the optimum drainage system for a particular case. A model with a water-cooled condenser allows the use the excess heat energy to heat the water in the pool. CDP 75/125/165 models can provide lateral or top air distribution, and also to change the side of maintenance to the opposite one.

Fully automated control

The operation of the dehumidifier is fully automated. The required humidity level is maintained with a hygrostat. The control panel is equipped with control buttons and a display that visually represents the operating status of the dehumidifier. For convenient configuration of older models, the control panel can be mounted from either side of the unit. Access to all internal components of the dehumidifier (for cleaning the filter and maintenance) is provided by opening the inspection door. Dehumidifiers of the CDP series are characterized by almost noiseless operation.




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