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Moisture extraction

  • 18 l / day at air parameters 30 ° C / 80%,,
  • 7 l / day at air parameters 20 ° C / 60%..


Household mobile dehumidifiers CD 400-18 manufactured by the Danish company Dantherm are used for the following purposes:

  • Dehumidification of indoor air, protection of ceilings and walls from dampness and mold formation.
  • Drying of cabinets (book, for clothes, etc.)
  • Quick drying of clothes.
  • Drying of carpets.
  • Drying of shoes.
  • Cleaning the air in the room (if there is a filter).

The CD dehumidifier is not designed to maintain a very low level of humidity (50% or less).

Design features

  • Automatic deactivation of the dehumidifier in case of overflow of the header.
  • Drain connection for water hose connection.
  • Comfortable handle-holder.
  • Possibility of air distribution through the upper or lower diffusers.
  • Timer function: 2, 4 or 8 hours of work.

Increase in room temperature during operation

The CD air drier has no cooling function. During operation of the dehumidifier, the room temperature rises from 1 to 4 °C. The increase in temperature depends on the size of the room and the degree of its sealing. In small rooms and with tightly closed doors and windows, the room temperature can increase by 4 ° C.

Anti-frost protection

If the air temperature in the room with the working dehumidifier falls below 15 °C, ice forms on the evaporator. For the removal of ice, the automatic anti-frost protection system - defrost - is activated.

After 30 minutes, the compressor stops, and within 10 minutes the fan directs the flow of warm room air to the evaporator, resulting in the ice melting. When the defrost mode is completed, the compressor automatically turns on.

Dehumidification and air cleaning functions are disabled for the duration of the defrost operation. It is forbidden to turn off the machine or disconnect the power cord in defrost mode.

Moisture pick-up curves

Technical specifications

  Units of measurement Dantherm CD 400-18
Operating range, humidity % RH 50 - 100
Operating range, temperature °С 5 - 35*
Air consumption m³/h 180
Power V/Hz 1x230/50
Maximum current consumption А 1,8
Maximum power consumption kW 0,340
Refrigerant   R134a
Refrigerant quantity kg 0,145
Noise level (1 m) dB (А) 48
Weight kg 13
Capacity of water collector l 4,5
Protection class   IP20
Dimensions: Height mm 574
Length mm 380
Breadth mm 225

* Optimal operating temperature range of 16-35 ° C.




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