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Vacuum solar collector for heating is designed for all-year-round use. Currently, 3 models of vacuum solar collectors are available in Europe: on 10, 20, and 30 tubes.
Manifold is produced in two colors: black and silver.

Model АР-10 АР-20 АР-30
Length 2005 mm
Thickness 136 mm
Breadth 796 mm 1496 mm 2196 mm
Power 625 W 1230 W 1850 W
Aperture area 0,94 m² 1,88 m² 2,83 m²
Total area 1,57 m² 2,96 m² 4,35 m²
Weight 34,8 kg 63,6 kg 95 kg
Volume of liquid 290 ml 520 ml 710 ml

Vacuum solar collector is easy to buy!

The tubes of the vacuum solar collector, so eagerly absorbing solar energy, resemble with their device transparent ordinary thermoses, inside which the tubes already have a special coating. The latter allows to catch solar energy all-year-round. To buy a vacuum solar collector, it is enough to apply, for example, to the Australian company Apricus, whose branch is open not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. The one name "Apricus", which attracts attention and is so remembered, is translated as "overt to the sun". Where else to buy a vacuum solar collector, but in such a reliable company that has a rich experience in the production of collectors?

In addition, price makes the solar vacuum collector affordable for people with different incomes. Often it depends on where the buyer plans to build a collector, on a horizontal roof, inclined, or completely vertical, over a private house, hotel or industrial facility, and it also takes into account the destination and many other data.

Thus, vacuum tube solar collectors have adequate prices for each individual case. In Europe, such collectors have long been available to everyone.

From the flat collectors, vacuum ones differ, mainly in that they can work even in the thirty-degree frost, they lose less accumulated heat and work longer during the day. Buy vacuum helio systems that are no worse than flat ones and have impressive advantages!




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