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Vitocal 200-G



Vitocal 200-G

A brine-water heat pump with a capacity of 6.1 - 9.7 kW. BWP type for flow temperature up to 60 ° C.

High comfort of heating and hot water supply

Brine-water heat pump Vitocal 200-G is designed for heating and hot water production in monovalent or monoenergetic heating systems. The Vitocal 200-G heat pump with power from 6.1 to 9.7 kW is supplied with integrated brine and heating circuit pumps, a switching valve and a mounted safety device block. The temperature of the coolant supply is up to 60 ° C, therefore this heat pump can be used in existing radiator heating systems.

The „natural cooling“ function: Natural cooling of the room

With the "natural cooling" function, you provide yourself with a natural cooling in the hot season

Ease of installation and operation

Simple delivery and installation of the heat pump is ensured by the separation of the housing and the heat pump module.

A temporary installation of a flow-through water heater for a heat carrier is possible, for example, for drying seamless floor heating.

Distinctive features:

Brine-water heat pump, power: from 6.1 to 9.7 kW
In the monovalent mode of operation it can provide year-round heating and hot water supply
The hermetic compressor of the Compliant Scroll system with double vibration damping ensures high operational safety
Refrigerant R 410 A
Weather-compensated digital program controller for heating circuits with integrated "natural cooling" function
Due to the supply temperature up to 60 ° C, it is possible to operate a heat pump with a radiator heating system
Quick and easy installation thanks to the separation of the housing and the heat pump module
You can temporarily install a flow-through water heater for a heat carrier, for example, for drying a seamless floor.




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