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The boiler R601-607 is fully adjustable. The boiler control unit automatically adapts the modulation factor to the thermal load required by the system. This is done by adjusting the fan speed. As a result, the Whirlwind conversion system adapts the ratio of the amount of gas to the predetermined fan speed. Smoke gases formed in the process of combustion move down the boiler and are discharged through the chimney. The circulating water from the system enters the lower compartment of the boiler, in which the lowest temperature of the flue gases is observed. The condensation process takes place in this compartment. Water moves up the boiler and leaves it in the upper compartment (burner). The working principle of the transverse flow (water - up, flue gas - down) provides the greatest efficiency in the combustion process.


Power Range: 142-539 kW.
The model is equipped with two backward feed lines.
The burner system allows the boiler to modulate from 5: 1 to 7: 1, the optimum efficiency at low boiler load.
The possibility of cascading up to 8 boilers from one automation.
PREMIX burner (premix), low NOx combustion Heat exchanger made of stainless steel.
Natural gas and propane.
— the most convenient for service maintenance design;
— low noise level (< 48db (a);
— simple design and installation, thanks to ready-made sets of accessories;
— a stable high efficiency.
— designed for central heating and hot water supply systems for a variety of industrial and commercial buildings and structures;
— wimming pools;
— heating water for swimming pools

Additionally, boilers can be equipped with the following control systems:

• Controller with weather change compensation (BM8)
  • Controller for controlling two secondary circuits of the heat supply system, depending on the weather conditions (E8).
  • Cascade control controller for boilers and control of two secondary circuits of the heat supply system depending on the weather conditions (KKM8).




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