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RENDAMAX R3400, R3600



RENDAMAX R3400, R3600

Small dimensions and weight of boilers at high efficiency values is achieved through the use of two flow heat exchangers. The first heat exchanger is made of smooth tubes made of stainless steel. The second heat exchanger consists of ribbed stainless steel pipes with laser welding of the base of the fin. The special design the supercharged gas torch with a tilted distributed torch built into the boiler's design ensures stable combustion conditions in the entire power control range from 20 to 100% while maintaining the technical characteristics:
- Efficiency - not less than 95%
- extremely low emission of carbon monoxide (CO) from 2 to 11 ppm and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from 10 to 30 ppm (in terms of dry undiluted combustion products)
- Low equivalent noise level (up to 40 dBA) at rated power.
The flow rate is controlled by a 3-mode circulation pump. The running of flow-through boilers with a high velocity of the coolant motion ensures an operation without scale of heating surfaces on water with moderate hardness (up to 4.5 mmol/l). The rational design of atmospheric flow-through hot water boilers of the R 3400 series from Rendamax allows to quickly perform the assembly and disassembly of the boiler, which ensures the simplicity and convenience of repair and maintenance. Atmospheric flow-through hot water boilers of R 3400 series by "Rendamax" are equipped with digital blocks of automatic control and safety automatics, as well as fault indicators.


Power Range: 600-1860 kW.
Smooth modulation adjustment in the range of 20 - 100%.
The ability to cascade 8 installations simultaneously.
Closed combustion chamber with forced air supply.
The patented water cooling ribbed PREMIX burners are used.
The maximum temperature in the falling line is 95 ° C.
The premixing burner and the stainless steel heat exchanger.
Natural gas, propane.
— small dimensions, light weight and compactness in comparison with other analogues of the manufacturers of boiler equipment;
— the installation is delivered fully assembled and tested, including safety systems, pump control and gas line;
— a stable high efficiency;
— -Low emission levels (NOx, CO).
— optimally suitable for central heating and hot water supply for apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels;
— roof boilers;;
— heating water for swimming pools.

Additionally, boilers can be equipped with the following control systems:

• controller with weather change compensation (BM8)
  • Controller for controlling two secondary circuits of the heat supply system, depending on the weather conditions (E8).
  • Cascade control controller for boilers and control of two secondary circuits of the heat supply system depending on the weather conditions (KKM8).




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