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The existing technology has already taken care of compactness, speed and maximum efficiency, only now these qualities are presented in a wall-mounted boiler. R30 - is a new condensing wall boiler with high-efficiency and low energy consumption. Having released this series, Rendamax has created a new standard in the field of boiler production. The power of the Rendamax R30 can be selected with precision depending on the heat demand. High-efficiency flow-through hot water boilers Rendamax R30, designed for heating and hot water supply of residential and administrative buildings. Small dimensions and mass of boilers at high efficiency values are achieved by using flow-through heat exchangers. The heat exchanger is made of a tube profile wound in the form of coils that are made of stainless steel. The special design of the supercharged premix gas burner built into the boiler design ensures stable combustion conditions in the entire power control range from 20 to 100%.


Power Range: 45-65-85 -100-120 kW.
Boilers with very high efficiency, more than 110.1%
Modulation range: from 14 to 100%.
The possibility of cascading up to 8 boilers from one automation.
Burner with premix PREMIX, with low NOx combustion The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel.
Natural gas and propane.
— light weight, easy to connect and maintain, low noise level (— high heat output, ecological compatibility;
— ow inertia;
— a new generation of digital control systems;
— small volume of water.
— designed for heating and hot water supply systems for buildings and structures.

Additionally, boilers can be equipped with the following control systems:

• controller with weather change compensation (BM8)
  • Controller for controlling two secondary circuits of the heat supply system, depending on the weather conditions (E8).
  • Cascade controller for controlling boilers (up to 8 pcs.) as well as two secondary circuits of the heat supply system depending on the weather conditions (KKM8).




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