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A flat solar collector is designed to receive heat mainly in the summer season.

The flat collector has the following characteristics:

Length 2444 mm
Breadth 1223 mm
Thickness 75 mm
Power 2098 W
Aperture area 2,8 m²
Total area 2.99 m²
Weight 46 kg
Volume of liquid 1,8 l

Flat solar collector -- the price makes it possible!

In contrast to a vacuum collector, a flat one collects solar energy and works mainly in the summer. However, if a collector is required for seasonal high-quality work in summer, then flat one is better. Its high productivity in the hot season can cover the capabilities of the vacuum collector. In addition, a price of flat solar collector makes it more affordable than the cost of a vacuum collector. The flat collector is less expensive and thus fully makes up for the acquisition.




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