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Anti-allergy protection

Suppression of allergens caught on the filter, using temperature and humidity.

Self-cleaning function

The self-cleaning function is activated after the air conditioner is turned off and operates for 2 hours.

Photocatalytic washable filter

The deodorizing properties of the filter can easily be restored by washing it in water and drying it in the sun.

"Fuzzy" Automatic mode

The air conditioner automatically selects the operating mode and temperature by performing calculations based on the principles of fuzzy logic.

High Performance mode

The air conditioner works with maximum capacity for 15 minutes. This mode is convenient when you need to quickly reach the desired temperature.

Automatic mode

Based on the measured parameters, the air conditioner automatically selects the heating, cooling or drying mode.

Move the blinds up / down

During the movement of the blinds up / down, they can be fixed in any position - from horizontal to vertical.

Automatic operation of blinds

For each mode, the air conditioner selects the optimum version of the blinds.

Blind memory

When the air conditioner is turned on, the blinds automatically return to the position that was selected before it was turned off.

Choice of airflow direction

Using the airflow direction selection button, you can set the simultaneous supply of air through the top and bottom outlet holes simultaneously or only through the upper one (in case of using the wireless console).

Switch-on timer

The air conditioner turns on a bit earlier so that the set room temperature reaches the set parameters (cooling and heating modes) to the set time.

Timer, programmable for 24 hours

Combining the commands to turn the air conditioner on and off, you can set up to two events in one day.

Night mode

The air conditioner automatically controls the temperature at night, not allowing it to go down or go up.

Economy mode

Economical energy consumption does not affect the quality of air conditioning.


During operation in the cooling mode, the air conditioner dehumidifies incoming air.

ТOFF Timer

Turning off the air conditioner at the set time.

Night-Temperature reduction

In the cold season, the air conditioner maintains a temperature of 10 °C when the room is not in use.

Quiet mode

The noise level of the outdoor unit is at least 3 dB(A) below the nominal value.

Weekly Timer

Available for up to four programs (ON timer / timer - OFF) for each day of the week. Maximum 28 programs per week.

Automatic defrosting

The air conditioner automatically removes the frost formed on the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit.

Removable indoor unit panel

The indoor unit panel is easy to open and close, making it easy to clean the filter. If necessary, it can also be removed.

Self-diagnosis function

In case of a failure of the air conditioner, the microcomputer automatically starts the self-diagnosis function, after which a fault code is displayed on the display.

Luminescent buttons

The control panel has luminescent buttons, which helps to find it in the dark and it is easy to control the operating modes of the air conditioner.

Automatic restart

The air conditioner automatically restarts if there is an accidental temporary power failure. In addition, this function allows you to resume working with the same parameters that were set before the power was turned off.

Optional switch

On the indoor unit there is an additional switch that can be used to turn on / off the air conditioner.




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