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The fan coil units in the decorative case VIERRO MV

combine excellent design, high quality and very low noise. The model in the decorative case VIERRO MV has a white casing and gray grilles. Produced 6 major models, which can be both of 2-pipe and 4-pipe design. As standard, the devices have a 6-speed motor and a radial fan. At the warehouse in Kiev all the models in the 2-pipe version are permanently located.

Model Features:

  • full cooling capacity - 1,7-6,7 kW
  • heating capacity 3.9-15.9 kW
  • air flow rate is 340-1500 m 3/h
  • static pressure - up to 40 Pa
  • noise level - from 17 dB (A)
  • with 2 or 4 pipe connections
  • horizontal or vertical mounting
  • wide range of options
  • wide range of automation
  • 6-speed fan complete with easily removable filter




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