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Diffuser DS



Square Diffuser

Material: anodised aluminum profile


DS– square diffuser


Diffusors, distributing air in several directions, differ in their versatility in use


It is made in the form of a frame with fixed guide elements on it (inner square frames with a recess) and a profiled plate.
The diffuser can be executed in several forms: with two-, three-, four-way distribution of air.

The main types of DK diffusers, which can be made to order.

A - with three-way distribution of air;

B - with two-way distribution of air;

C - rectangular, with four-way distribution of air;

D - versatile rectangular, with four-way distribution of air;


Color of the diffuser: anodized aluminum.
At the request of the customer, it is possible to paint in any color in the RAL catalog.

Minimum and maximum air flow through the diffusers type DS

Aerodynamic and acoustic characteristics of DS type diffusers




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