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DEI 728



Technical description of the remote control DEI 728

The room regulating controller, the control unit for the fan air-handling compartment (fan coil, small air-handling unit).

Application area

Control of the fan air-handling compartment (fan coil, small air-handling unit) with one heating / cooling section, two-pipe system of coolant supply) directly from the treated room.


  • - Switching on (switching off) the air handling compartment directly from the control panel, through the DEI 722 power control unit installed on the compartment.

  • - Maintaining room air temperature in heating or cooling mode using the built-in temperature sensor.

  • - Control of two-, three-way valves on the supply lines of heat transfer medium to heat exchangers.

  • - Manual and automatic control of the fan speed of the air-handling compartment (high speed, medium, low, automatic).

  • - The function of automatic ON and OFF switching of the air-handling compartment according to the time schedule.

  • - LED indication (display) of modes and operation parameters.

Technical specifications

  • - Supply voltage ~АС230В±10%; 50/60 Hz.

  • - Scope of delivery: DEI 728 (installed on the control object).

  • -  Inputs - an external control signal (relay).

  • - Outputs:

    • - Relay (control of two-, three-way valves) ~10А/120 V; ~7А/220В АС.

    • - Relay (fan speed control) 3х10А/120 V; ~7А/220В АС.

    • - Relay (remote control air cooling unit) ~7А/220В АС.

  • - Temperature settings:

    • - Heat16С - 30С; Accuracy ± 1С.

    • - Cold16С - 30С; Accuracy ± 1С.

  • - Temperature display range 12С - 40С. Step ±1С.

  • - The maximum distance - the receiver-receiver of signals  ~15м.




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