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Filter Cartridge



Filter Cartridge

Materials:The filter body is made of a steel galvanized sheet.

FC – Filter Cartridge


FC are designed to clean air in ventilation systems.


The rectangular filter cartridge (FC Rectangular) is a metal frame made of galvanized steel, inside which is a layer of filtering, environmentally safe, durable synthetic fiber. To prevent the fiber from falling out of the frame, a supporting grid is installed inside the frame from the entrance and exit of the air. The cartridge is replaceable and it is easy to install into the body with the help of guides. In TT-Group's FCs the wavy filtering surfaces are used, which allows to increase the useful filtration area in 1.6 times in comparison with the flat filters in the front area. The filter body is connected to other elements of the air distribution system with the help of a flange (FC Rectangular) or nipple (FC Round) connection. The filter is suitable for operation and maintains technical capabilities at the temperature of the work milieu (cleaned air) from - 40 °С to + 70 °С. The filtered air must not contain aggressive gases and vapors in quantities exceeding the permissible standards. According to the classification Eurovent the class of the filter cassette is 799-EU3. It is possible to deliver the filter cassette (FC) separately from the body.

Technical characteristics of filter cartridges of standard sizes




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