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Moldovan State District Power Station, Dnestrovsk, 2011
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Kuchurgan power station,
Dnestrovsk, 2011

We achieved

Design and installation of 16 special-purposed, mono-bloc industrial Petra air conditioners for cooling a control panel at the working zone in the control operator centers (external temperature in the steam pipe zone is +60 ° C). Installation of air-conditioning ducts. Water cooling system for condensers.

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Agromars TT-Group Одесса


The system of mechanical ventilation

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Auto center

Auto center "Audi Odessa Center South"

Design and installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sewerage systems.

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Official Dealer Center

Official Dealer Center "Adis-Auto"

Installation of a waste oil boiler.

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Duke Hotel TT-Group Одесса

Duke Hotel

Ventilation, plumbing and sewerage

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