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Moldovan State District Power Station, Dnestrovsk, 2011

Kuchurgan power station,
Dnestrovsk, 2011

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Our company designed and installed cooling, ventilation, and electric heating systems for technological control posts. For these purposes, special industrial air conditioners manufactured by the Jordanian company «PETRA» are used. There are supply-and-exhaust units with water cooling of the condenser, with freon coolers and with a fresh air adjunction. Cooling of condensers occurs by river water from the estuary, on which there is a hydropower plant were built. The capacity of each unit is 36 kW of cold, the total number of units is 12 pcs. The air is distributed by insulated air ducts with a total area of 3000 m². In addition to each post, there are mounted local exhaust systems. The total time of production was 3 months.

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