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Air-conditioning with recuperation

One of the novelties of 2014 from Mitsubishi Electric (Japan) was the commercial air conditioning system FRP, which also provides hot water. Its distinctive feature is the production of hot water by utilizing the heat of conditioning. Wherein, the heat from the air conditioner is not discharged into the environment.The system consists of three blocks: external, internal and hydraulic. The outdoor unit is represented by one model - PUHZ-FRP71 - with 7 kW cooling capacity. The internal block of the system is inverter and can be selected of any type: channel, wall, hanging, cassette. To produce a hot water supply to the outdoor unit, it is necessary to attach a hydraulic unit or a hydronic module. In the first case, the kit includes a storage tank of hot water with a volume of 200 liters, in the second - this capacity must be purchased separately. The system has a heating capacity of 8 kW for heating water to a temperature up to 60 ° C. The cooling efficiency of the EER is about 5. Hot water in the recovery mode is obtained virtually free of charge, and in the heat pump mode with a coefficient of COP = 2.8 ... 4.1, depending on the outside temperature.





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